Picture of the Day: Airplane View of a Distant Storm

I saw that while flying from Dallas to Chicago a year ago.




Photograph by HALEY LUNA
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Photographer Haley Luna took this amazing photograph while flying into Denver, Colorado. As a fellow flier that always requests the window seat, this must have been an incredible sight to see! The way the sun peeks through, illuminating the storm, is simply wonderful.

The photo was posted by Haley to Reddit on September 16 where it reached #1 on the front page (on Imgur alone it has been viewed over 1.48m times!).

When she’s not taking photographs, Haley also makes laser cut jewelry which you can peruse at Teal Deer. She’s also active online and you can keep up with her latest at the online links below.

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Creative Routines

The leisury daily life of Victor Hugo

Info We Trust

“We all have the same 24 hours that Beyoncé has” and its various iterations took the web by storm in late 2013 as the megastar became the figurehead of not only having it all, but being able to somehow do it all too.

How do creatives – composers, painters, writers, scientists, philosophers – find the time to produce their opus? Mason Currey investigated the rigid Daily Rituals that hundreds of creatives practiced in order to carve out time, every day, to work their craft. Some kept to the same disciplined regimen for decades while others locked in patterns only while working on specific works.

Creative Routines Poster

There are enough data to visualize a portion of the hundreds of creative lifestyles. Click the poster to discover:
Gustave Flaubert
Ludwig Van Beethoven
W.A. Mozart
Thomas Mann
Sigmund Freud
Immanuel Kant
Maya Angelou
John Milton
Honore de Balzac
Victor Hugo
Charles Dickens
W.H. Auden
Charles Darwin

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